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General Information

Our wholesale online store page has restricted access to wholesale customers only

We offer different sizes

Minimum order of one case required

We will "Mix and Match" cases at no extra charge!

Pictured below from left to right:

   Mini-bag (NO BOW):  24/case
Side-Kick (BOW): 12/case
Regular 6oz (BOW): 12/case
Large Bag (12oz): 6/case

We offer a variety of snack mixes:

1. SAVORY SNACK MIXES (Most Popular)- pictured bottom right:

Cajun corn sticks, garlic sesame sticks, peanuts and pretzels.


2. M&M MIX-not pictured

Perfect mix of sweet and salty includes cheddar fish crackers, sea salted peanuts,pretzels and milk chocolate m&m’s.


3. VANILLA CRUNCH (0.15 up-charge)-pictured top middle

Delicious mix of pretzels, almonds, pecans and cinnamon toast all covered with white vanilla fudge. 


4. CARAMEL POPCORN-not pictured 

All caramel mixed popcorn, peanuts, almonds and pecans.


5. CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIE DROPS-pictured on bottom middle

 Our unique mini bites chocolates chip cookies. 


6. TAFFY-pictured on bottom left

Assorted saltwater taffy or peppermint taffy 

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